10 Things I Hate About Instagram: What do you hate about Instagram?

What do you hate about Instagram?

Instagram is used by billions of people all over the world every day. People continuously update their life’s events on it. A lot of relationships are formed among the users on the day to day basis. Many get famous because of Instagram. Instagram has given a free platform to business enterprises and entrepreneurs all around the globe. There is no reason to hate Instagram for. Or is there..? What do you hate about Instagram?

Even though the amount of users on Instagram is increasing day by day, people seem to keep finding reasons to absolutely hate the platform. Below is a list of some of those reasons that make people hate Instagram. What do you hate about Instagram? If you are an avid Instagrammer, you might probably relate to some of these reasons given below. This article isn’t to discourage you from using Instagram, on the contrary, it is to educate you as to how Instagram might not be the only best thing on this planet. So hang tight and read on.


Social media, especially Instagram is the no. 1 reason how people get depressed by the false reality created by the users. Instagram is filled with fake smiles and also fake perfect life illusions. Therefore, this creates a fake sense of reality among the users and put them in depression. They think that because they lack money, they aren’t entitled to live a rich lifestyle that influencers on Instagram live on. The lifestyle these influencers showcase on their profiles is obviously fake but not everyone realizes it.


What do you hate about Instagram?

Bullying is far too common on social media. There are constant harassment and anxiety-producing an environment that makes Instagram a bad place for teenagers and youngsters. Although Instagram does provide you with the option to report bullying, people can get really mean, especially on Instagram. Bullying on Instagram regularly increases depression in people. It doesn’t have to be so and if people just learn to respect each other, then this would not be a problem. But since people get powered by the anonymity that social media provides, bully’s find it easy to hide and harass people by their vile comments.


Facebook – Cambridge Analytica Scandal proved that it is not safe to provide your data to social media websites as the can use it without your consent. Instagram is owned by Facebook and there is not enough reason to trust that your data is being collected or being used without your permission. This is a major concern for the privacy of people and one should be extremely careful when providing personal information on Instagram and other social media platforms.

4) People judge you by your Instagram profile and not by your character

Instagram can get frustrating sometimes. No one knows the real personality of a person posting on Instagram, they just know their posts. These posts are then judged by people and can sometimes become the identity of that person. This puts a lot of pressure on people using Instagram. This pressure forces them to do things and upload them which they normally would not do in order to stay relevant on Instagram.


Instagram is filled with lots of spam content. Furthermore, people continuously spam the comments section making it hard to look over the relevant comments. Bots regularly enter the comments section or into the messages of the people and post spam stuff which can be frustrating for the regular user. Also, Getting continuously spam content in your feeds and messages can get irritating.


Instagram allows you to repost any content. Although it goes directly against the policies of the Instagram which states that one must upload only their own content, there is nothing that one can do. When people repost the posts, their original creator gets lost somewhere and does not receive his credit. Not getting credit for the hard work that you do can be frustrating for anyone.


What do you hate about Instagram?

Instagram allows for freebooting which can be considered to be the violations of someone’s privacy. Freebooting means that people can use your photos without your consent and permission. You cannot do anything about it because Instagram is an open platform which does not stop anyone from using someone’s photo. Uploading your photo on Instagram means that it is now in a public forum and anyone from the public is entitled to use it. This can get problematic especially if you upload personal stuff on Instagram.


The recommended posts by Instagram are usually irrelevant and lack any appeal to the users. It is filled with ads and lacks any particular sequence. There is also no particular sequence which can make it easy to surf through the section. This makes the recommended posts section as one of the worst Instagram features. The AI that Instagram uses for the recommended posts section should be reworked and improved so that it can provide better recommendations to its users.


Instagram was originally a platform for photographers. Not anymore. Now it is a place for advertisers and Instagrammers. Hence, this means that you have to continuously update your profile and build up a community of followers. You also cannot be just a photographer anymore to be recognised as one. You have to follow new conventions and rules to stay on top.


There was a time when people would actually eat food without taking its picture! In this Instagram age, even the simplest of things are also photographed to be uploaded on Instagram. Hence, this tendency prevents people from actually living the moment.