Refund Policy

SMMdash’s Refund and Cancellation Policy


Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent. As a customer, you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item at our site.

However, we realize that exceptional circumstances can take place with regards to the character of the product/service we supply. In the event, if you are displeased with the services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the fine prints of each deal before buying it, it provides all the details about the services or the product you purchase.


Therefore, we DO honor requests for the refund on the following reasons:

Non-delivery of the product: Our most of the service starts instantly expect few services that take 24-48 hrs to deliver. In some cases, the process times are slower, and it may take a little longer for your orders to finish. If you do not receive your service in time, please contact support to fix the issue. We are online 24 hours per day to provide you support. Claims for non-delivery must be submitted to our support department in writing within 72 hours from the order placing the date. Otherwise, the campaign will be considered completed. If your order delivery has started, then the delivery will be finished as soon as possible and no refunds will be issued once your order has started processing.

Product not-as-described: Such issues should be reported to our support department within 72 hours from the date of the purchase. Clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is described on the website. Complaints, which are based merely on the customer’s false expectations or wishes, are NOT honored. Our support team is always eager to assist you and deliver highly professional support in a timely manner.

Refunds will be issued to the same account by which payment has been done and that was provided at the time of purchase.

You agree that once you complete payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason.

If you submit a dispute or chargeback against us after a deposit, we reserve the right to terminate all future orders, ban you from our site. We also reserve the right to take away any followers or likes we delivered to your or your clients’ social media account.

Orders placed in SMMDash will not be refunded or canceled after they are placed. You will receive a refund credit to your SMMDash account if the order is not deliverable.

Misplaced or Private account orders will not qualify for a refund. Be sure to confirm every order before placing it.

Fraudulent activity such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards will lead to termination of your account. There are no exceptions.

Please do not use more than one server at the same time for the same page. We cannot give you correct followers/likes numbers in that case. We will not refund for these orders. Please keep attention!


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